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    The House of Comme Des Garcon is an international organization that was founded based on the principles of fraternity, education advocacy, and professional growth. The organization exercises these principles through the participation in ballroom competitions. Ballroom allows the members to excel in various categories in which winners are celebrated monetarily and with awards. The House of Garcon has displayed the ability to dominate in the arena of ballroom while encouraging its members to be progressive women, men and transgendered adults.

    Utilizing philosophies acquired through membership in previous house organizations the founding members of the house developed a restructured approach to house membership. Celebrating individuality, encouraging creativity, and fostering evolution of its members inside and outside of ballroom has enabled the House of Garcon to cement a reputation amongst long standing house organizations.

    Founder Shannon Garcon officially named and opened the house of Comme Des Garcon on April 18th, 2008. Shannon�s vision was for an organization that stood firm on core values he was taught while being a member of other successful organizations. Standing on faith Shannon became the first and only member of the House of Comme Des Garcon. Keeping in mind the concept that he designed for his house, Shannon began the difficult task of building a family of individuals who shared and supported his vision.

    During his search Shannon discovered there was a yearning for an organization that was dissimilar than any of the current houses. Eventually, Kevin Ex-Ebony, Jeff Ex-Mugler, Icons Julian and Whitney Ex-Mugler joined Shannon in founding this dynamic new ballroom house. Also a strong supportive force involved in the early development stages of the house was Mike Ex-Blanik/Mugler. With a strong team in place and membership numbers continuing to rise, the House of Comme Des Garcon was officially on the way to success.

    The House of Comme Des Garcon continues to be recognized today as a thriving ballroom organization with a strong track record of grand prize wins, area dominance in ballroom and a catalogue of members who include some of the most recognizable faces in ballroom. The House of Comme Des Garcon in late 2014 took on a new blueprint for the future of the organization and looks forward to countless more victorious years in ballroom.

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